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Standing on the House floor are Congressman Rahall and John Boehner, who holds a gavel.
Photograph of unidentified speakers at a committee hearing
Photograph of unidentified school group holding a "Class of 1983" sign on the steps of the Capitol Building
L-R: Mr. Zacher, Jim McNeely, Ms. Compton The three sit at a panel behind microphones in front of a crowd for the New River Hearing.
Photograph of unidentified people at an unidentified committee/board hearing
Photograph of unidentified people at a hearing or meeting
Photograph of unidentified people and Congressman Nick Rahall in a meeting
Two women dance on a dance floor with a balloon in the background.
Two unidentified young women in an office space.
Two unidentified  women stand in the doorway of an office.
Two unidentified women smile for a photograph.
Photograph of two unidentified visitors to Congressman Nick Rahall's office
Two unidentified senior citizens eating dinner on a Chessie Seaboard Consolidated (CSX) train.
Two unidentified people talking to each other at a table. There is a table with food on it in front of them.
An unidentified man and an unidentified woman smile for a photograph on a boat.
Two unidentified people eating dinner on a Chessie Seaboard Consolidated (CSX) train.
Photograph of two unidentified people at an unidentified event
Two unidentified people at a social event.
Two unidentified men wearing hard hats in Mingo county. One is giving a thumbs up and holding a disposable cup.
Two unidentified young men sing into microphones at a party for a crowd.